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Attendance Policy

Regular, on-time attendance contributes to the academic success of our students. In the event of an absence, students and parents should take responsibility for following this procedure:

  • The parent should contact the Attendance Office the same day the student is absent.  Please contact us as soon as you know your student will be absent.
  • Unless the parent/guardian knows ahead of time exactly how many days the student is going to be absent, the parent should contact the Attendance Office each day of absence.
  • If it is impossible for the parent to call the school, the student must submit a signed note from the parent the first day he/she returns to school.
  • Students who leave campus during the school day must check out with the Attendance Office.  If a student fails to check out before leaving, their absence cannot be cleared.

Unless exempted, all California students must attend school in a regular full-time program or a continuation program until they are 18 years of age or graduate from high school. If a student is absent, the school must be notified of the reason for the absence.

For More Information

Attendance Technician
Sammie Sharp
707-890-3850 x 2

Attendance Technician
Kelsey Fotouhi
707-890-3850 x 2