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Staff Directory

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Wendy V Albarran De Nymark

Titles: Senior High Tech III

Kayla Anderson

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Science

Christine Ando

Titles: Teacher
Departments: English

Jereme Anglin

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Visual and Performing Arts

Garshom Arkoff

Titles: Family Engagement Facilitator

Jerome Arterberry

Titles: Student Advisor

Tracy Barber

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Mathematics

Tracy Batchelder

Titles: College/Career Counselor

Matthew Beaton

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Mathematics, English, Science, ISP Program

Ashley Bell

Titles: Teacher
Departments: Social Studies

Kris Bertsch

Titles: Counselor

Jennifer Bilyeu

Titles: Teacher
Departments: English, Special Education

Main Office    707-890-3850 x 0

Attendance Office    707-890-3850 x 2

Counseling Office    707-890-3850 x 3

Registrar's Office    707-890-3850 x 4

Health Office    707-890-3850 x 5

Business Office    707-890-3850 x 6

Artquest    707-890-3850 x 7

Library    707-890-3850 X 52125


Principal    Mark Ryan

Vice Principal    Valerie Jordan

Asst. Principal (Alpha A-Ga)    Alexandra Dido

Asst. Principal (Alpha Ge-Or)    Ed Weber

Asst. Principal (Alpha Os-Z)    Isaac Estrada

Principal's Secretary    Deby Marvel

VP's Secretary    Dallas Johnson

Counseling Staff

Visit the Counselor's Page for more information and to sign up for appointments.

A-Co Counselor Geffner, Seth
Cr-Hr Counselor  Nemoede, Marlene
Hu-Na Counselor Orozco, Ellie (Maria)
Ne-Sa Counselor  Derum, Adam
Sc-Z  Counselor Bertsch, Kris
CEP Counselor Arata, Forest
College & Career Center Batchelder, Tracy
School Psychologist Parekh, Jita
School Psychologist Saxe, Ben
School Psychologist Vulpe, Edward
MTSS Counselor Crakow, Courtney

Teaching Staff

Click on any teacher's name to email them directly. The department pages listed by each teacher contain all the members of each department, their picture, and the courses they teach. 

Staff Name/Email
Anderson, Kayla SCIENCE Website
Ando, Christine ENGLISH Google Doc 
Anglin, Jereme AQ  
Barber, Tracy RSP Google Doc
Bell, Ashley SOC SCI Website
Beaton, Matt RSP  
Bilyeu, Jennifer RSP Google Doc
Bohn, Eric MATH Website
Brawley, Brianne SCIENCE Website
Brennan, Andrew SOC SCI Website
Cain, Danielle AQ Website
Carrell, Dara WOLA Website
Carroll, James SOC SCI Google Doc
Cassells, Breanne ENGLISH  
Chapman, Kurt SPED  
Clewis, Jasmine RSP Website
Cortopassi, John SOC SCI Google Doc
D'Adamo, Jacqueline RSP Google Doc
Davis, Matthew SCIENCE Google Doc
Decker, Tim FINE ARTS Google Doc
DeLao, Manny MATH Website
Delasantos, Sonia RSP  Website
Delello, Brooke AQ Google Doc
Dickson, Jessica PE Website
Dooley-MacDonald, Seana CEP  
Elsa, Casey ENGLISH Google Doc
Fennen, Hollis ENGLISH Google Doc
Fisher, Janet AQ Google Doc
Frazee, Howard MATH  
Frost, Lauren AQ Google Doc
Fruiht, Jessica CTE Website
Gaines, Elizabeth ENGLISH  
Garcia, Monica RSP DS English
Garcia-Sanchez, Michael WOLA  
Geis, Isolde WOLA Google Doc 
Giffen, Christine FINE ARTS Google Doc
Glatt, Adriane ENGLISH Google Doc
Gregory, John ENGLISH Google Doc
Guerrero-Sanchez, Lucero WOLA  
Henderson, Lila  SCIENCE Website
Horner, Arthur SOC SCI Google Doc
Ingram, Cynthia MATH Website
Jones, Levi ENGLISH Website
Kennedy, Kenny MATH  
Knowlton, Kenneth PE Website
Kowalczyk, James ENGLISH Google Doc 
Loomis, Katie AQ  
Lyon, Will ENGLISH Google Doc 
Mancillas, Nicholas B. WOLA Google Doc
Marsh, Alex SCIENCE  Google Doc
Martinez, Victoria RSP  
McDonough, Kaitlyn CTE  Website
Mendoza, Justine FINE ARTS  
Miller, Lee MATH Website
Moreno, Carlos SDC Google Doc
Muchow, Johnathon SOC SCI Google Doc
Murphy, Timothy SOC SCI Google Doc
O'Donnell, Mathew SCIENCE Website
Patrick, Luis PE Website
Pedri, Jason AQ  
Pearson, Taryn PE  
Pedri, Jason FINE ARTS  
Piehl, Lisa CTE Website
Poisson, Lea AQ  
Price, Bryan PE Website
Purvis, James D. SCIENCE Google Doc
Ramos, Kathleen RSP Google Doc
Read, Rich MATH  
Reynolds, Joe CTE  
Roberds, Eric FINE ARTS Google Doc
Rue, Aron RSP Google Doc
Samet, Matt SCIENCE  Google Doc
Sappington, John AQ Website
Seder, Jim SOC SCI  
Staten, Ben ENGLISH Google Doc
Stoufer, Richelle MATH  
Terschuren, Ryan PE Website
Tiffany, Julie ENGLISH Google Doc
Trejo Gonzalez, Juan WOLA Website
Tsurumoto, Matthew SCIENCE Google Doc
Tusa, Marla FINE ARTS Website
Utsey, Mitchell CTE Google Doc
Whyte, Megan ENGLISH Google Doc
Williams, Amber MATH Website
Zavala, Emma WOLA Google Doc